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Advance Harvest is your source for creating unparalleled indoor farming. Advance Harvest offers custom-built systems, retrofits existing buildings, and portable systems for remote locations.

Advance Harvest Incorporated holds an exclusive license to implement AerOrganicTM technology in commercial indoor farms. Our goal is to supply the world's farmers with this new standard in food, for Feeding Humanity. Anywhere.


Advance Harvest, through its exclusive agreement, offers indoor farmers a turnkey operation. It engineers, supplies, installs, and maintains its patent-protected growing system. Advance Harvest has sole rights to bring AerOrganic™ Systems to market by licensing its intellectual property. We provide continuous upgrades and maintenance as and when needed.

Our patent-protected system is the future of sustainable farming: growing fruits and vegetables using advanced aeroponics in vertical walls up to five storeys high.

Let's consider some of the advantages.

Growing our own food promotes true security. We grow with minimum land use, and minimum water use. Our system offers abundant year-round harvests, regardless of weather, climate, or pollution. It removes chemicals and toxins from citizens' diets. Our fresh produce reduces dependency on foods harmful to health.

In a post-COVID world, our indoor farming system adds to the quality of community life. It helps us to rebuild a society where economic benefits are shared by all citizens.

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, we understand ever more clearly that pure food is the key to preventing disease and maintaining health. Moreover, by rebuilding our communities with food security, we preserve and enhance citizens' dignity, and improve the prospects of a viable livelihood for all.

With Advance Harvest's farming system, we are quite literally greening the planet and greening our growth, by reducing the carbon footprint of global supply chains that stretch thousands of kilometers. Our energy use is low, as is our carbon footprint. Our system uses only three per cent of the water consumed in conventional agriculture.

Advance Harvest offers the world's most advanced vertical farming system.

Our crop yields much higher than other vertical farms. With Advance Harvest's farming systems, we are a key building block for the post-COVID world. Jobs and profits stay in the community. We establish a sustainable future for communities.

In doing so, we build a strong foundation for other economic development.


First developed by NASA for use in space, aeroponics agriculture concentrates on growing roots and plant canopy: with no need for soil (conventional farming) or immersion in water as a growing medium (hydroponics and aquaponics).

Aeroponics is becoming recognized as one of the most promising ways to grow abundant amounts of pure food in a controlled environment.

At the heart of Advance Harvest's indoor farming infrastructure is AerOrganic™ Systems, a cleantech firm that designs and builds indoor vertical farms.

AerOrganic™ Systems uses advanced aeroponics technology, to grow pure food on an industrial scale. The heart of the system is the patented emitter, and the programmable logic control, (‘Demeter’), developed by Emmanuel (Manny) L'Ecuyer, President of Advance Harvest.

Market Applications


Commercial farms growing fruit and vegetables, including Indoor Farms and Greenhouses.


Food producers, wholesalers, retailers, including grocery stores, supermarket chains, specialist greengrocers.


Governments that want local, safe, abundant food supply as a foundation of sustainable living including national, regional and local governments needing to build the post-COVID economy.


Ecologically-challenged areas needing pure and affordable food supply


First Nations


Remote communities far from supply chains

Advance Harvest, using AerOrganic™ Systems, offers a unique approach to the global agricultural market.


AerOrganic™ Systems is a new, disruptive, farming technology that is much more advanced than existing commercial scale indoor farms, both in productivity and efficiency.

We differentiate ourselves with technology, engineering, scalability and reduced resource consumption resulting in a lower operational cost. Our technology will use less water than existing aeroponic technologies and produce higher, more consistent yields. Growing indoors gives us an incredible advantage over outdoor farms, either conventional or organic, by controlling the environment and eliminating potential sources of pollution or contamination.

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For more information on how Advance Harvest can provide you with AerOrganic™ technology please connect with us:


Wetaskiwin, AB


AerOrganic is ideal for growing pharmaceutical grade feedstock, including medicinal herbs from indigenous cultures, exceptionally pure medical cannabis, and poppies. Pure and clean roots and canopy enable the whole plant to be processed for pharmaceuticals.


Sovereign Foods is committed to creating systems applicable to indigenous communities to create true food sovereignty within their culture. 

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