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Advance Harvests indoor vertical farms are designed to provide maximum yield in minimum space.

Our AerOrganic™ Systems technology uses only three percent of the water consumed by conventional farming.

Each 3,200 square foot “Grow Field”, stacked five storeys high, will produce 25,600 sq. ft. of canopy.

For example, in a one-acre (43,500 square feet) building, we could fit ~13 “Grow Fields” which account for ~348,000 square foot (8 acres) of growing canopy.

Our vertical walls enable efficient growth and harvesting.

Growing indoors reduces contamination and allows us to grow anywhere.

Staging crops enables continuous harvest. Our growing surfaces produce six to eight crops a year, depending on the produce.


Our food is purer than organic. No pesticides. No herbicides.


We have overcome problems associated with earlier aeroponic systems.

Our emitters do not clog and they have been engineered to enable nutrient delivery to plants on a nano-scale.

We use low pressure water, eliminating the challenges posed by high-pressure water delivery in other aeroponic systems.

Our proprietary lighting system enables maximum growth at minimum cost.

All major systems are automated, with the patented Demeter system, reducing labor and increasing consistency of nutritional values.

Our management team and advisors have proven track records in start-up businesses, and large scale engineering projects.

Partnership Options

Be our partner and embark on the journey of AerOrganic™.

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Advance Harvest is your source for creating unparalleled indoor farming. Advance Harvest offers custom-built systems, retrofits existing buildings, and portable systems for remote locations.


AerOrganic™ is ideal for growing pharmaceutical grade feedstock, including medicinal herbs from indigenous cultures, exceptionally pure medical cannabis, and poppies. Exceptionally pure and clean roots and canopy enable the whole plant to be processed for pharmaceuticals.


Sovereign Foods™ is committed to creating systems applicable to indigenous communities to create true food sovereignty within their culture. 

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