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Food Security in the post-COVID world.

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, which has upended human society across the planet, we will need to rebuild our communities and our cultures from the ground up. Enter AerOrganic™ Systems, and its sole authorized user, Advance Harvest Incorporated (‘Advance Harvest’).

∙ AerOrganic™ Systems is a cleantech and greentech firm that designs and builds indoor vertical farms.

∙ It uses advanced aeroponics technology, pioneered by NASA for use in space.

∙ On Earth, it is the ideal way to grow pure food on an industrial scale.

∙ It promotes food security, sovereignty, and economic independence.

∙ It uses a proven system of pure and sustainable vertical farming.

COVID-19 put the brakes on the way we once lived our lives, ending much of what we took for granted:

∙ The ability to be with one another as and when we wished.

∙ The ability to work together and to play together.

∙ The expectation that we would always have a comfortable, community-based life in a society that looked after its most vulnerable.

∙ And more than anything else, the certainty that food would always be in abundant supply because global supply chains gave winter cities fresh fruit and vegetables in January. Seasons didn't matter, because food from different hemispheres was being shipped across the globe.

Those who lived in the most polluted cities, or in deserts of arid land and industrial waste, knew that they always could have food grown in places far away from their metropolis. Those old certainties have disappeared. And this is why AerOrganic™ Systems is vital to a post-pandemic world.

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